Hair Replacement can transform your look within hours

Hair is used to make a statement about a woman's style and mood. Hair also has the capacity to make us feel really good about ourselves. When we visit a hair salon to change our hair colour and style it gives us an immense boost to our confidence. Having beautiful healthy hair means more than looking good, it makes us feel simply great. When hair starts to give you problems, this can have an undesirable effect on your quality of life. Fashion, personality, attractiveness and vitality are only a few of the positive things that hair can make you feel. When you start to develop hair loss or thinning hair, this can have a dramatic effect on both your self-esteem and social life.

The Volumiser hair replacement Studio offers individually created hair replacement systems specifically designed for our many female clients. All our hair replacement products are sourced from our suppliers Spanish hair which are considered the very best European hair company. Hair replacement offers you ultra thin lightweight natural looking hair which allows your pours in your scalp to breathe naturally while still matching the style and look of your own hair. Once a month you can book in for hair replacement maintenance to keep the shape and vibrant style of your hair replacement.

There are many reasons why women start losing their hair. The main cause is related to hormonal imbalances in the body, stress , pregnancy, Alopecia and conditions such as trichtilliomania. Female pattern baldness or hair loss can also be induced by certain prescription drugs or harsh chemical treatments over many years.This can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles and hair strength. Hair replacement is fast becoming the most attractive option to reverse the look of damaged hair.

The most common type of hair loss among women in Ireland is thinning hair or Androgenetic Alopecia. For this we can blame a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This chemical builds up around the hair and eventually damages both the hair follicle and the hair root. The hair follicle's resistance to DHT is usually genetic. The onset of the menopause will cause a drop off in the production of estrogen. This will give the result of thinning hair or hair loss.Hair replacement can ascetically improve your appearance within hours.

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