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The first important step in having great looking hair again is contacting the Volumiser Hair Studio to arrange a free Hair Replacement consultation. You can either call the consultation information line directly where you can speak to a dedicated member of staff or fill in the online form below. The online hair replacement consultation simply  requires you to outline a brief description of you hair condition and attach a photo of your problem area. (You only need to attach a close up of your problem hair area. Facial photo not required)

A dedicated member of the hair replacement team will then email you back with pricing details and the most the suitable Volumizer System for your hair type. When you visit the hair replacement studio for the first time you will also see a full range of all the latest products and styles that are currently available. We understand that you may be anxious about visiting the hair replacement studio for the first time. That is why all our staff place great emphasis on client confidentially and aftercare. You can call the Volumiser hair replacement studio on 087-6217242 seven days a week if you require further information on hair loss issues.

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