Hair Replacement can transform your look within hours

Hair replacement is the most natural flexible option for men that have male pattern baldness or thinning hair loss. Hair replacement also offers you natural looking hair without intrusive surgery. As displayed in our volumiser videos below you can see exactly how hair replacement works. All the hair systems that are applied are 100% European human hair. This enables the hair replacement volumiser team to blend the hair replacement with the natural style and texture of your own hair.

All the hair replacement hair pieces that we use are individually custom made for each unique client. Hair loss can have an immense effect on our self esteem. Male pattern baldness is prevalent in around 80% of all hair loss cases we see at the hair replacement studio. Most men start noticing follicle changes in their hair during their mid twenties.

In the past, many men opted to have intrusive hair transplant surgery, or purchase online a range of expensive hair remedy treatments and potions. The Volumiser hair replacement system achieves immediate affordable results within hours. When it comes to male pattern baldness or thinning hair, the causes are usually genetic. Hair loss in men generally results from a chemical in the male body called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This chemical builds up around the hair root and eventually kills the hair follicle. The Volumizer hair replacement system is virtually unnoticeable to both sight and touch. The hair appears as if it is growing naturally from your scalp. Our hair replacement team can create any hairstyle you require within hours. The volumiser hair replacement system enables you to comb your hair back and away from your face with a natural hairline.

Video presentation: